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Bob Elder, Chairman emeritus

"Congrats to Dave and the team.

"Let's go Bullfrogs!"

Bob Elder, CE, Anaheim Bullfrogs
Anaheim Bullfrogs Hockey Club
Major League Roller Hockey 2014- 2015 season

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Dave Cairns heads up youthful Bullfrog team
Anaheim, California

Former RHI Vancouver Voodoo coach and RHI player, Dave Cairns heads up youthful Bullfrog team which plans to focus on developing "NEW" pro's rather than using the existing market of athletes.

In a move that reinvented the team. Dave Cairns has brought such talented youngsters as Jared Dror, Adam Hunt, Matt Sarvak, Shane Salazar to name just a few to the green, black and gold

The team plays a doubleheader this weekend at the Rinks of Irvine

Saturday @ hollywood Dream 6:00pm
Sunday @ So Cal Lobsterz 5:00pm

Next games

September 7th

Anaheim Bullfrogs @ Hollywood Dream  5:00pm (PST)

Name the line!

Help us name the line of last year's MLRH rookie of the year and the Jon Massey award winner Trey Wilson and Jason Kitchin

Send your ideas to info@mlrh.com

MLRH West Division Standings

So Cal Lobsterz
Anaheim Bullfrogs
Hollywood Dream

2    0     0       4
0    1     0       0
0    1     0       0
August 23
Anaheim Bullfrogs @ Hollywood Dream  6:00pm (PST)

August 24
Anaheim Bullfrogs @ So Cal Lobsterz  5:00pm (PST)