1993 Bullfrog Championship ring
and inaugural logo
Bob Elder, Chairman emeritus

"Congrats to Travis and the team on performing this year and let's see where we are for next year!". 

Bob Elder, CE, Anaheim Bullfrogs
Anaheim Bullfrogs Hockey Club
Major League Roller Hockey 2012 - 2013season

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Hernandez signs for one more year...

Travis Hernandez has been resigned as the head coach of the Anaheim Bullfrogs for the 2013 - 2014 season. 

Hernandez, who runs a travel hockey program out of the Lancaster inline hockey rink, in Lancaster, CA, has done alot to work with both youth and adult hockey. 

"While his team struggled, toward the end of the season, they perservered. ", Commissioner Doug Jones had to say. "Once Travis got rid of some of the cancer that was on that team, I think things went alot smoother for him and the players". 
Jones finished.

Opening night is

December 8th, 2012 
The return of RHI?

Dennis Murphy, next to Dennis is Gordon Carter brother of the late HOF catcher Gary Carter and on the far right author and founder of Inline Hockey Central Richard Graham.

We at MLRH, love Dennis Murphy!